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Services - 2 to 4 Axels



(Example) Walter-Helitronic 35 and 50, Schmitt Tempo ECT 502:

After rebuilding, the control system will be a Delta Tau Advantage 400 and two interface circuit boards. The A 400 contains a miniature PC with a Windows CE operating system and 2 USB interfaces, as well as a PMac CNC. There is a membrane keyboard on the control panel and also an override potentiometer and a hand wheel.
The most important machine function keys are on the control panel and larger in IP 67.

          1. The older NC/CNC includes a front panel, a screen and an old PLC, which could be removed.
          2. The interface circuit boards serve as electrical on/off outputs, and as interface for the multiphase
              motor signals and the limit stop switches for the axels.
          3. The existing drive system would remain unchanged, as long as it still functions and can be repaired.
              When this is not the case, the drive control system or the motor would be replaced.
          4. The A 400 is ISO NC programmed and a matching editor is also installed on the controller, which is included in delivery.

More software options are as follows:

Universal grinding program, “G-Tool,” which works with machining tools. Upon request, on side training can be provided.

Universal grinding program, “S-Tool,” which works with saw blades with pointy and blunt teeth.

Diverse Program, based off of the old original manufacturer’s program for the newly programmed Advantage 400. Example: Sharp-edged cutter with corner radius or ball nose, standard and step drill bits with various tips.


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