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OPEN HOUSE - Come to our Open House and see!

15. - 19. march 2016





November 2015 - Detroit USA

Together with our partner GMT in Detroit Michigan USA, did we rebuilt and retrofit two more Walter Helitronic Classic power machines.
The electrical retrofit includes a Delta Tau ADV500 control, copley drives and the machine uses the MTS Toolkit software. 


October 2015 in Akron - Ohio USA

After a mechanical rebuilt from our Customer GLIK and a retrofit from SOS Elektronik is a old Helitronic 55 doing a wonderfull job again.
Thanks to GLIK for the video.



August 2015 in Akron - Ohio USA

A Walter Helitronic 55, electrical fully rebuilt and mechanical upgraded for extreme long tools.
35 inches travel in X Axis.


August 2015 in Akron - Ohio USA

After 10 days the old lady in Ohio is running with a new electronic brain and heart :-)


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Juli 2015 in Akron - Ohio USA

Since Tuesday this week, we are rebuilding a old Walter 55 for a customer with special applications. Together with our partner GMT we are in Ohio / USA. The customer needs are long travel, high precision and unique solutions „wink“-Emoticon We already rebuilt a GC8 for them in 2013 and the company generated enough business for a second machine. Check out the pictures, of course at the moment we are under construction.


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2015 - SOS-Elektronik open a new agency in China

Adress: Room 408, Golden International Building No.2-2 Xiangjiang Rd  214028, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China



Backfitting for Nissan in Mexico

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In October, 2013 we have together with our US partner GMT Machine Tool from Sterling Hights / Michigan / the USA, Walter Helitronic GC 8 reequipped.


The owner of the machine, Great Lakes Industrial Knive, from Copley / Ohio / the USA, had bought the machine used in the USA. A repair on the basis of the old control and drive system was not possible and not to represent economically any more.

Within 6 weeks SOS-Elektronik put together the system of these 6 axes machine and delivered the components on site to the USA. Then together with GMT this system was installed within 10 days and was put into operation.
The result is very worthy.

On the machine are made "directness" and "spiral" knife rollers.

In the past required GLIK for it approx. 10 - 12 hours per roller.

With the overhauled GC8-6 and the Retrofit of SOS-Elektronik / GMT succeeds now in 2.5 - 3 hours.

















Coolant valves

Spindle RPM















Ingraving pins grinding machine with loader


Together with a leading manufacturer of tools for the printing and stamping, SOS-Elektronik and WMS Nöbauer has built a special machine.

Based on a classic Walter Power, an Ingraving pins grinding machine with a laser measuring system and special loader was built.


System Informations:


Machine for processing of carbide and Cermet Ingraving pins.

Delta Tau Advantage 500 Turbo CNC control

Copley Xenu servo drives

ABB Jokab Pluto Safety PLC

Bosch Rexroth spindle drive with oil-cooled grinding spindle motor

2 axis automatic loading system for 2160 tools

Novotest Blum Laser Measuring bridge for measuring the engraving Ingraving pins







Walter Classic Power Retrofit

Complete mechanical rebuilt (retrofit) by our partner GMT machine tools in Sterling Heights Michigan US
Electrical Retrofit by SOS-Elektronik in Sterling Heights


System Informations:


Delta Tau Advantage 500 control, Copley drives,

Nord frequency changer for the spindle drive with shaft joint Software LCL "Tool Commander"









BG 6 axis running


Impressions from the rebuilding of a Walter Helitronic BG;
Location: Herramar company in Buenos Aires Argentina



Retrofit Helitronic 35 United States with a completely new cabinet






Walter Helitronic 46.


As an preliminary stage to the complete Retrofit, during one week this machine was completely new wired locally at the customer. All air and oil lines were replaced, the machine returned to service and all drives were calibrated new.

By an aggressive cooling lubricating oil the isolations of the cables, the screw connections as well as the air and hydraulics lines were first attacked and later destroied.





Before Afterwards 4 Axels tool grinding machine Typ Schütte WU 400







Before Afterwards Typ Hawemat 3000



These photos show a machine of the Hawema company, Typ Hawemat 3000

At this machine we had procurement problems with the PMAC control card for the PC as well as with
the drive amplifier of the type Parker Power Block.

For our customer we redesigned this machine to a Delta Tau UMAC control system
and the Parker Power Blocks were replaced through an Kollmorgan Servo Star drive.

The reconstruction took place at the customer and it took for days to put the plant back into operation.



Before Afterwards Slotting machine from J.Behr company from Munich Typ ST 250



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