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SOS-Elektronik was founded by Swen Hagelstein in Wasserburg, Germany, near Lake Constance, on May 1, 2002. This business venture was started after 20 years of experience with regional and international firms, including Andron GmbH in Wasserburg near Lake Constance, the Walter Maschinenbau GmbH in Tübingen and Walter Grinders, United Grinding in Fredericksburg, Virginia USA.

Through Swen Hagelstein’s connection with the well-known Walter Maschinenbau GmbH in Tübingen, Germany, SOS-Elektronik has focused on collaborating with the worldwide operations of Walter CNC grinding machines. More importantly,
Swen gained experience through many years of consulting with engineers and management concerning the increasing demand for older machines. The adoption of the current Windows NT und XP operating systems has allowed the range of services of the industry networks to expand and also for all of the new machines to be capable of being networked.

Also in 2005, SOS-Elektronik began the development and sale of replacement parts for the older Walter machines, as the original manufacturer slowly discontinued the production of the older spare parts. Eventually, the production of replacement parts completely stopped as did the repair of the older components.

In 2006, when the Walter Maschinenbau GmbH decided to let all of the customers with older machines know about the discontinued production of replacement parts, there were many inquiries about how the customers would keep their older machines working. Swen Hagelstein and his team welcomed the opportunity to find better solutions for this issue. They kept the old machines working by upgrading them with reliable control systems and drives. Just a mere six months later, in the beginning of 2007, a CNC-Retrofit was successfully implemented with two Walter Helitronic 35 Machines in Feldkrich, Austria. SOS-Elektronik’s breakthrough idea worked!

Since then, the range of machine models, like the Walter Helitronic 35, 40, 50, 45, 55 and the GC8 Hawemat 2000 and 3000, has grown, along with new and satisfied customers. Today, it is possible for SOS-Elektronik to install CNC-Retrofits on tool grinding machines with between 2 and 8 axels having step motors, multi-phase motors or servo-motors. Swen Hagelstein’s innovative and modern business venture has spared his clients the high costs of machine replacement, through which inventories can be further sustained. Because the retrofitting is designed using the most modern electronic components, SOS-Elektronik offers a performance guarantee which matches that of the current machine models.

In order to swiftly install custom retrofit systems on site, the SOS-Elektronik team expanded in 2009 to include Hubert Plazek, who works with the manufacturing of devices, components, low-volume products, and the retrofits of machines in use.


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