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After the reconstruction with a Delta Tau Advantage 400, the control system consists of an internal or an external PC and additional circuit boards to interface the drives and the I/O s . The A 400 consists of an upgraded CNC system, as well as a PLC, which replace the old CNC and PLC.

The additional circuit boards serve as electrical on/off outputs. With multiphase or step motor machines they interface the drives and the limit stop switches for the axels.

With the multiphase motor machines, the multiphase motor’s drive system will be maintained as long as the manufacturer still produces the spare parts and the series is not discontinued. The Zebotronic multiphase motor’s drive system is still distributed and repaired in Munich by the Stögra Antriebstechnik Company, which was formerly known as Zebotronic.

The drive control systems of the machines with Servo drive systems are replaced by Copley drive systems and the motors are replaced with Delta Tau motors. These systems can be faultlessly substituted with multiphase motor systems as well.

The A 400 controller is NC programmed and a matching editor is also installed on the controller, which is included in delivery.
For operator-friendly software options, we recommend the following:

Universal grinding program, “G-Tool,” which works with machining tools. Upon request, onsite training can be provided.

Universal grinding program, “S-Tool,” which works with saw blades with pointy and blunt teeth

Diverse Program, based off of the old original manufacturer’s program for the newly programmed Advantage 400.
   Example: Sharp-edged cutter with corner radius or ball nose, standard and step drill bits with various tips.

Universal Machining software, “Toolkit,” from the MTS Company. This software works with 5-6 axel machines.
   We worked with MTS to develop interfaces which not only allow for the installation and function of the A 400,
   but also the measuring of tools with a measuring sensor (touch probe).

Upon request, it is also possible to install other software.

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