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Company Portrait – Philosophy



SOS-Elektronik is a public-service company for the individual customer and also, in a small scale, for manufacturer of machines. It is our goal to make certain that older machines are reliable and effective by lowering operating costs.
Swen Hagelstein and his team replace ageing systems and develop state of the art power electronics. We replace components, even when spare parts are not readily available in the market. A goal of ours is to rescue the valuable material from machines before it is used as scrap iron. In order to protect our environment, as a service provider, we plan to do our share by delving into the modernization in the grinding-tool sector. This aids our customers and also the scrap yards of Europe, as well as those located worldwide.
We take our philosophy seriously, therefore, we believe that direct and personal interaction is very important. Trust and fairness are the valuable assets that are exemplified in our services and excellent communication, which our customers have really grown to appreciate.
Based on this, we frequently repair and rebuild on site, which spares the customer extra shipping and handling costs. As a further convenience, the machining software is set up and tested by the operating personnel while we are on site so that questions and issues can be attended to at that moment. Essentially, this optional package for universal application of the systems can be bought at a later point.

The main idea behind our retrofit philosophy is:
For years machines should continue to function in the same manner as they have from the beginning.

“I always like to compare it to an old automobile.
The customer has an old Golf 2, with 40 HP, and wants to keep it. The motor and gears still run, but they are on their last leg. SOS can build him a new motor. That means that the customer still drives a Golf 2 and it still has 40 HP.
Additional benefit: The new motor is more economical, environment friendly and runs quieter, but it is still a Golf 2!

Some others might handle this situation differently:
They could disassemble the entire Golf, paint it to look new and then build an Audi RS 8 Motor (250 HP), inclusive with automatic gears.
It looks great, costs at least double the amount and when the driver takes the car onto the highway for a spin and gives it full gas, the entire car is torn apart and that’s it.
Additional drawback: In order to prevent this, the RS 8 Motor should be restricted to 50 HP…” (SH)


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