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To surmount borders means for me, to increase my own horizon....

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Are you wondering why such a technical website would have a “Social” tab?

We aren’t. We not only concern ourselves with our area of expertise, but also make it our duty to be responsible and to relate to our customers, partners, colleagues and environment.

In the last years, we have been true to our words and have supported a worthy project in Africa, which is briefly mentioned here.

We want the image to speak for itself, instead of songs of praise to be sung about our acts of charity.
You are wholeheartedly welcome to learn more about the project. Just contact Mr. Swen Hagelstein

Whoever would like to take part in this project is more than welcome, as we could bounce ideas off of each other in person.

Thanks so much for your interest!


- 2005 Shell construction of the school

- 2007 Completion of the school

- Dec. 2008 Negotiation with the district government and appointment of teachers

- Since Jan. 2009 Two daily lessons for about 20 children

- April 2009: Classroom floor concreted

- Since September 2009: Two classrooms with about 30 children

- Since November 2012: support 2 additional schools in "Tedecha" and "Tulu Gudo" by finance each of 2 other teachers.

Contact: Swen Hagelstein

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