2 – 4 axis

Retrofit – 2 - 4 axis machines mostly with step motor drives

We offer a retrofit control, a Omron / Delta Tau Advantage 500 with Turbo PMac, an internal or external PC with either Windows CE or Windows 10 operating system. The Delta Tau Advantage consists the CNC and the SPS / PLC as well. This replaces all the old NC / CNC and SPS / PLC controls.

On customer request and if still available, we keep the drives on the machines with step motors. We can give them a full overhaul. For example, on the older Walter Helitronic machines, step motor drives from Zebotronic, in Munich were used. These drives and motors are still available in modernized versions and can be kept without any problem.

If an older step motor system isn’t available anymore, like the Parker or Digiplan drives, they can be replaced with today’s step motors and drives.

As option, and on request the step motor systems could be replaced with servo drives as well.


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