Company Portrait – History

In 2002 SOS-Elektronik was founded by Swen Hagelstein in Wasserburg - Germany,
with SOS-Elektronik. Over those years he worked with Andron GmbH – Wasserburg (today LTI Motion / KEBA), Walter Maschinenbau GmbH – Tübingen and Walter Grinders in Fredericksburg VA, USA (both are United Grinding today).

In 2003 after the OEM’s discontinued more and more spare parts for the older Walter machines, SOS-Elektronik started its own development to repair and overhaul the machine system components.

In 2007 SOS-Elektronik had the breakthrough with a full “CNC Retrofit“ on 2 Walter 4 axis CNC grinding machines and the “Retrofit idea” was born.

By the end of 2019, SOS-Elektronik and partners rebuilt more than 80 machines worldwide and with the CNC Retrofit the machines got a “second live”.

Today SOS-Elektronik is able to retrofit almost every tool and cutter grinder between 2 and 8 axis. No matter with step motors, or servo drives we have a CNC-Retrofit solution.

With all this SOS-Elektronik build up, this is an innovative and up to date platform for the used machine market. It saves the customers the excessive cost, and intensive step by step process to buy a new machine. We will provide a reasonably priced option to keep a usable machine solution for you. With will provide you with a specifically designed retrofit to the latest electronic standards. SOS-Elektronik provides a solution that brings older machines up to today’s technology level, and saves important resources for the future generations.