Services/ Repair

Services/ Repair

The qualified team of SOS-Elektronik and our partners will support you with the error diagnoses and troubleshooting over the phone, email, or video conference.

If a remote diagnoses or “remote” repair isn’t possible, we can send a qualified technician in a short time to trouble shoot the problem and do a repair at your location. Ideally the technician will have the necessary spare parts with him. We will do our best to keep an eye on the travel costs.

If a repair at the customer location is not possible or it seems to be time intensive. There is another option. The customer can send his parts and components to SOS-Elektronik. We have the test equipment, and can give you a general overhaul. A detailed repair, or a component upgrade. In such a process all worn parts, like fans, batteries etc. will be replace in general. Depending on the age and the condition of the components we will replace the capacitors, hard drives and other components that are ageing. If required, SOS-Elektronik can supply their customers with a used control and drive spare parts. That is most of the time an appropriate replacement of the defective component.
Contact us! Call us, request our services, send us your defect machine electronic parts!

We will find for sure an acceptable, usable and financial solution for you!

- Repair / Refurbishment /General Overhaul

Many machines from the late 1990 through the 2000 are used in 2 shifts, with automated loader systems even in 3 shifts – or like technicians like to say – “24 / 7 / 365”:

Machines used in 3 shifts are adding 8-9.000 operating hours every year to their hour counter. After 10-15 years, what is a normal life span or operations time for a machine tool, these machines have roughly 100.000 working hours.

To keep the precision and functionality up, mechanical repairs or overhauls have be done – but a lot of other components that keep the machine reliable get neglected.

In this case SOS-Elektronik offers his outstanding overhaul and refurbishment service.

We provide machine overhauls in different steps, depending on the conditions of the machine and the budget of the owner.

  • - Rewiring of all moving cablesfrom the electric cabinet into the machine inside
    • o to prevent standstills, shutdowns or damage, according to cable cracks or shortcuts
    • o as a refurbishment, after a flash fire
    • o as a refurbishment, after a change from water emulsion to oil
    • o as a refurbishment, after a change from one oil to another brand, what sometimes kills the cable insulations and fittings.

For a small extra charge we will also overhaul all the pneumatic houses and fittings.

  • - Overhaul of servo drives and CNC controls

Controls and drives from the 1990th and 2000th contain fans, batteries, accumulators, hard drives and other components. These parts will age thru high operating temperatures and the rough environment on the production floors. We replace these components, clean the controls and drives from dust, dirt and oil to increase the reliability of operations and lifespan. Upon request we can organize for you an appropriate electric cabinet air conditioner. Quite often the failure of the air conditioner, and the electronic components are caused by the open electric cabinet doors. This can be a source of a multiple problems.

  • Overhaul / Product overhaul of controls, drives and complete machines.

Do you have more than one of the same machine models? But they are from different years of manufacturing and have different hardware and software versions?

You are running these machines intensively, a vital part of your operational processes, and under no circumstances you want a machine down?

You have so many jobs for “one machine” that you would love to have a “second” identical machine. With all of the same fixtures, drives, control, software, and enhancement? . .

You have “taken your machine to heart” so that a sale, or a scrap, is not an option?

SOS-Elektronik offers you a complete “general overhaul“ of your machines and according to your process flow and the logistic options, we offer 2 Versions. 2 Versions..

Version 1. General overhaul at customers facility.

- If there is no option to send the machine to SOS-Elektronik. We can have one of our international team members at SOS–Elektronik come to the machine. One mechanical engineer for 2 weeks and an electronic engineer for 1 week, to replace all moving parts in the machine to upgrade the mechanical and the electrical system to the latest and greatest versions.

As an additional option, SOS-Elektronik offers a “manufacturer product overhaul“ for the drive systems. (amplifiers, motors and measuring systems) and for the control (hardware and software). This brings your machine to the latest technical level and improves the reliability of the system for several more years.

Version 2. General overhaul at SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg facility.

– If possible you can send your machine to SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg or to one of the international partners. At these facilities the machine can be further disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted and will get a new paint coat. Together with the general overhaul from version 1. Your machine will not only “look like new“ the machine will be better than new! .

“New“ or “Even Better”, because a machine that is 10-15 years old, will be disassembled and rebuilt completely. If necessary the new rails will be scraped in, and all parts are at today’s precision and reliability, that makes the machine better than the “new original”.

  • Retrofitting of options.

Are you looking for the opportunity to refit your machine with options?

We are specialized on retrofitting and upgrades on present machines, and we offer individual solutions to improve the power or the productivity of your machines.

Particularly with:
- Refit of a loader system on present machines without loader

- Refit of a robot loader system for tools and / or wheel packs

- Refit of hollow shaft drives in the work head

- Refit of oil cooled grinding motors to improve the spindle power

- Refit of customized calmping systems

We are more than happy to help you, please just contact us.