Retrofit - Walter Helitronic Power with NUMROTOplus® and Num Flexium System

Now at SOS-Elektronik offers in cooperation with the NUM AG in Teufen Switzerland and brand new retrofit system for all machines of the Walter Helitronic Power series.
The many years of experience from SOS-Elektronik and the modern, compact NUM drive and control system are leading to an outstanding solution. Together with the revolutionary grinding software NUMROTOplus®, we are able to bring these machines, what have been in the market for many years, up to todays technology and to a unique package with the best software in market.
Together with some technical upgrades like a “24“ TFT monitor“ a “Grinding wheel probe“ and some other options, a Power Machine from the late 1990is is competitive to a machine from today’s production. But this option is “only“ for the price of a retrofit.

For the Retrofit to NUMROTOplus® SOS-Elektronik offers again 2 Versions.

Version 1. NUMROTOplus® retrofit at customers facility.

- If there is no option to send the machine to SOS-Elektronik. We can have one of our international team members at SOS–Elektronik come to the machine. One mechanical engineer for 2 weeks and an electronic engineer for 1 week, to replace all moving parts in the machine to upgrade the mechanical and the electrical system to the NUM Flexium system.

Version 2. NUMROTOplus® Retrofit at SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg or in a partner facility.

– If possible you can send your machine to SOS-Elektronik in Wasserburg or to one of the international partners. At these facilities the machine can be further disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted and will get a new paint coat. Together with the general overhaul from version 1 your machine will not only “look like new“ the machine is better than new! “New“ or “even better”, because a machine what is 10-15 years old, and will be disassembled and rebuilt. With your original cast iron base.

“New“ or “Even Better”, because a machine that is 10-15 years old, will be disassembled and rebuilt completely. If necessary the new rails will be scraped in and all parts are today’s precision and reliability. This makes the machine better than the “new original”.

3D simulation.
4-flute ball nose cutter.
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