Retrofit – programming and software of the machines

In general, the Delta Tau / Omron CNC controls are programed in ISO G+M code. An editor for this is installed on the system and part of the standard equipment.

The programmer team of SOS-Elektronik developed a number of special programs with a wide range of functions to guarantee a flexible use of the systems, especially for the 2-4 axis machines.

For the machines with 5 and more axis, we offer several software solutions. The software packages are being installed on the control PC. Which can make the processing of manufacturing, or regrinding very easy. The programing team of SOS-Elektronik developed all the necessary interfaces to provide a customer friendly handling of the software systems.

We are offering the following software packages:

MTS AG - MTS Toolkit Professional

ISBE GmbH – Tool Design Suite

LCL Software GmbH - Tool Commander und Tool Commander light

Over the years the programmers of SOS-Elektronik became very specialized in developing solutions for unique applications.

Our software developers are more than happy, to come on site and to improve the machine together with your competent team, to develop your maximum machining processes, and maximize your profits.